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Newsletter December 2005

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Tip of the Month
Know Who You Are Dealing With

One of the most common contract details that are often overlooked is "the legal entity". For example, is the person you are contracting with a sole proprietor or part of a partnership? Is the company a DBA ("Doing Business As"), an LLC (Limited Liability Company), or a Corporation?

The legal entity should always be clearly identified in your contract. This information helps determine the various options you have available during the debt collection process. The course of action you take against an individual is very different than the proceedings against a corporation.

Another area to pay close attention to is the state license. Does the person you are contracting with have the appropriate business license? Is the license valid in the state you are working in? For example, if the subcontractor has a license in Connecticut and your project is in Westchester, this minor issue will cause you major headaches when trying to obtain a court judgment.

As you begin to prepare for 2006, remember that paying close attention to the small details can help save you time and expense down the road.


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