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Newsletter November 2005

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Tip of the Month
Keep Your Eye on the Minor Details

A misspelled name... an incomplete address... only a cell phone number... These may seem like minor details, but when you are involved in a contract dispute, omission of even the smallest fact can cause you major headaches.

During formal collection procedures, it’s all about accurate information. The process can involve locating people, sending collection letters, negotiating by telephone, freezing bank accounts, attaining court judgments during litigation... all of which may be needlessly delayed without accurate information. Debt collection can be further complicated due to a person’s death. Appropriate notices need to be filed with the estate attorneys and the probate court to claim an outstanding debt.

To protect yourself, be sure to obtain and include the following information in your homeowner contracts:

  • Correct spelling of names (both husband and wife)
  • Home and business telephone numbers – not just a cell phone
  • Correct mailing address – not a PO Box

Keeping an eye on the details will help you solve one of the most common reasons for failed attempts to collect; you cannot find the person who owes you money. Accurate information is critical for skip tracing, asset location, and credit checks to quickly locate your delinquent customers.


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